problem with Apache 2.0.52 on Debian

Lorenzo Prince lorenzo at
Tue Feb 1 21:53:02 EST 2005

I am trying to setup apache 2.0.52 on Debian to serve different pages for
different domains that point to my computer by using name-based virtual hosts.
All is going well, except for one thing: I can't set up a virtual host that uses
a ServerName that matches my system hostname.  I currently have a default page
that is shown if a client goes to any URL handled by the server that is not
specifically defined.  Unfortunately, this default page also appears when the
client goes to the URL matching my system hostname, although using a ServerAlias
directive will allow www.<hostname> to work correctly, but the ServerName and
ServerAlias directives have no affect on http://<hostname> itself.  I have even
tried using a ServerAlias directive that uses the entire system hostname, but
replaces the first letter with *.  Even this allows *.<hostname> to show the
correct page, but <hostname> itself still shows the default page.

Is there anyone who can help me solve this, as I don't want to change my system
hostname at this time, although doing so actually fixes the problem for the
virtual host that matched it and breaks the virtual host that matches the new
hostname.  This is how I know that the problem is related to the interaction
with the system hostname.

Any help greatly appreciated, and I will clarify any misunderstandings and send
any necessary config files.


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