chalenge response software

Joseph C. Lininger jbahm at
Sun Oct 31 13:54:49 EST 2004

Whether or not you can run something like what I have discussed depends on 
exactly how you pick up your mail. The short answer is, I don't recommend it 
unless you run your own server. Here is the reason. When you pick up your 
mail via fetchmail or what ever mechanism you are using, the 
chalenge/response software will examine the messages and send out 
confirmations. However, this does not happen until you pick up the mail, 
which is probably quite a while after the person sends it. Then, when the 
person replies, the chalenge/response system doesn't receive the 
confirmation until the next time you pick up your mail. I think you can see 
what will happen. Messages can end up taking a long time to be delivered to 
you. It may not be so bad with people who have an always on connection and 
poll their mail stores every few minutes, but I'd still say the ideal 
situation for a system like this is if you have your own domain and your own 
server running it. There are a few client-side chalenge/response solutions 
out there, but I don't recommend them for the same reason.
Joseph C. Lininger
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