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Hi all. I realize that this may be in more of Janina's area, however figured I'd throw it out in case anyone else has any thoughts...My current cell provider is T-mobile, and I want to switch 
phones. Specifically, I want to get a Nokia-3660 and have them install Talx on it. I am assuming of course, that the person I talk to won't know what I'm talking about when I mention the 
program...Therefore, I believe I have to point them at Section 255 of the Communications act? I also think that describing to them a switch to Cingular will get them talking as well. Also 
perhaps remind them of the fact that...I would buy the phone itself from them at a price that is determined by T-mobile in this case, however it would be their responsibility to give me the 
phone in an accessible form? Did I cover all the points here...I think I did? Anyone think I am missing anything? Thanks!
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