Speakup Keypad Slowness with Install Discs

Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Sat Oct 30 13:34:18 EDT 2004

I am befuddled by this report. What do you mean "suddenly stopped?" I
would think you only use an installation ISO image to burn a CDR so that
you can boot to it and perform an installation.

What, exactly, are you up to? On what system? With what ISO images
exactly? And, what is the state of your numlock key?

Zachary writes:
> Hi,
> For some indefinable reason, my Linux install ISO's with speakup have begun 
> to exhibit signs of what I can only call Keypad Slowness.  The numeric 
> keypad, which is essential to most all commands, has stopped working 
> correctly.  It basically refuses to respond when I give a command.
> This is happening with ISO's that I have used successfully before. 
> Slackware, Debian, and even Gentoo.  I have made no significant hardware 
> changes, nor have I modified the ISO's/.
> Should I try something like doing a full erase of my cdrw disc?  Or is that 
> not the issue?
> By the way, when I say slowly, I mean really slowly.  Try 10 seconds, or 
> not at all, for instance.
> Thanks,
> Zack 
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