problems with burning audio cds with cdrecord

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Sat Oct 30 11:39:15 EDT 2004

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On Sat, Oct 30, 2004 at 10:28:40 AM -0500, Cheryl Homiak wrote:
> Actually, as I did say in my post, i'm trying to burn audio cds not data.
> Scanbus shows my cdrw at 1,0,0 but it's atapi and with the 2.6 kernels you 
> aren't supposed to have to do the scsi emulation thing. I did actually try 
> running it with 1,0,0 but then of course I got errors because I don't have 
> /dev/hdc linked as scsi; anyway, this code works fine for data cds (with 
> the appropriate changes of course) so the /dev/hdc should be fine.

Are you using "dev=ATAPI:1,0,0" instead of just "dev=1,0,0" this is
supposed to be the new way to handle atapi drives. I have burned quite a
few cd's both data and audio using the atapi driver and although
cdrecord complains like crazy I haven't made any coasters yet. Once you
get a device setting that works you can put it in /etc/default/cdrecord
and avoid it on the command line.

> I do know that some people have trouble getting their cdburners to work, 
> but frankly this hasn't been a big problem for me up to now, and the fact 
> that the data record works and the audio does not tells me there's a 
> problem with cdrecord or the kernel or something related.

- From what I can tell the cdrecord people and the kernel people are mad
at each other or something. It seems we should all be using solarus.

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