problems with burning audio cds with cdrecord

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sat Oct 30 11:28:40 EDT 2004

Actually, as I did say in my post, i'm trying to burn audio cds not data.
Scanbus shows my cdrw at 1,0,0 but it's atapi and with the 2.6 kernels you 
aren't supposed to have to do the scsi emulation thing. I did actually try 
running it with 1,0,0 but then of course I got errors because I don't have 
/dev/hdc linked as scsi; anyway, this code works fine for data cds (with 
the appropriate changes of course) so the /dev/hdc should be fine.

I do know that some people have trouble getting their cdburners to work, 
but frankly this hasn't been a big problem for me up to now, and the fact 
that the data record works and the audio does not tells me there's a 
problem with cdrecord or the kernel or something related.


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