Possibly Related to Keypad Issue

Zachary Z_kline at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 30 03:45:43 EDT 2004

I have been a bit more successful in attempting to use the unresponsive 
keypad.  Not much, not enough to work, but a bit.
I have noticed the following message, which I suspect may have something to 
do with the problem, being sent to my Dectalk Express on /dev/ser0:
Timeout Flush
Possibly this is related to the distribution itself, not the problem.  I 
don't know, at this point I just want something that works.
Basically what happens is that when I boot up an installation cd, the 
program speaks fine.  Reads all kernel messages, etc.
However, I press a key, any key, and things fall apart.  The keypad and 
entire keyboard becomes sluggish, unusably so.  I cannot do anything and 
expect a response.  The speakup program seems to be extremely slow.  It 
acknowledges every action, eventually.  But it takes it's time about it.
Any help is greatly appreciated,

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