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Janina Sajka janina at
Wed Oct 27 20:53:02 EDT 2004

John McCann writes:
> 1. How does one go into "single user" mode?

telinit 1

You can come back to runlevel 3 with:

telinit 3

These are specific to Fedora/Redhat.

> 2. What is telinit?

It's a command. The wag in me wants to say it's the mother of all
commands -- but I diagress.

Learn more by issuing:

man telinit

> and
> 3. What is a run level?

A description of what kind of services are made available on Linux
systems. For example, the primary runlevels on Fedora include:

runlevel 1 -- also known as single user mode. No login is required.
There are not multiple consoles, etc.

runlevel 3: Multiple user and networking services provided -- but no

runlevel 5: gui

runlevel 6: reboot

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