Internet Broadcasting

Karen Lewellen klewellen at
Wed Oct 27 19:35:23 EDT 2004

I realize I may be starting a fight, but care to give me a list of 
Internet broadcasting tools which work in Linux?
I ask for two reasons,  all of the spectrum radio people I talk with, as 
in on the dial radio tell me that while they would love to use Linux for 
things like editing  and  other work when it crosses over to the net, it 
is just not stable.
Second one of the most respected blind Internet broadcasters Steve Wolf, I 
believe that is his first name 
told me the same thing when I asked the same question that all his 
broadcasting related things were still done in Windows.  Granted these 
people are used to working in the traditional broadcasting industry, not 
just putting something together from home.
Still no one knows everything on Linux, and things change all the time 
with upgrades.  And it has been a while since I asked Steve at least.

so, may I just have a list of useful tools, and if such tools are more 
commonly found in one Distribution than another?

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