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Ok, looks like I stand corrected on both counts. Sorry about the
confusion, but I really was sure that I remembered what I remembered


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  Hello Greg,
Speechbox mode became available for the Millennium 20/40 and Type Lite in
firmware build 4.10. The addendum that accompanied build 4.10 describes the
implementation of Speechbox mode as follows:

It is now possible to use the Millennium or Type Lite as a speech
synthesizer. You will need to use the Braille 'n Speak driver in order for
this to work. When you enter Speechbox Mode, the baud rate will
automatically be set to 9600 and restored to the previous setting when
exiting. When you enter Speechbox Mode, the unit switches to voice number
five. It is set this way so that you can have a voice that you can customize
specifically for use in Speechbox Mode, without the need to change the
current voice. The unit switches back to voice number one when exiting.

The SpeechBox Mode commands, taken from the Millennium's onboard Help file
provides the following information:

Speechbox mode: S-chord
Enhanced speechbox mode: 123456-chord; enter b for block or l for line
handshaking; then e-chord
Cancel speechbox mode: 345-chord; S-chord or p-chord

Best regards

Ron Miller 

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