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Hello everyone.

There is a discussion on another list that I'm on, regarding the
speechbox mode in the Millennium 20/40 units.

The first point that is under discussion is if the speechbox mode was
introduced in the 4.0, or 4.1 revision of the firmware. Looking at the
download area of the fs web site, I see that firmware version 4.0 was
a free update, and I recall that the speechbox mode was introduced in
the first non-free version of the firmware. So, I must conclude that
speechbox mode was introduced in firmware version 4.1 of the me 20/40
units, is this correct?

The second point under discussion is which synthesizer should be
chosen in a screen reader in order to use the me unit's speechbox
mode. Based on an earlier post to the support list, I seem to recall
that the me 20/40 is supported as an external doubletalk. However,
some people on the other list where this discussion is taking place
are insisting that the me 20/40 is supported as a braille 'n speak. I
however, seem to recall also that the bns choice applies only to the
legacy units, such as the bns 2000, or the blt 2000.

If someone from FS, or someone who is 101% sure of the answers could
straighten us out, and end the speculation, it would be
appreciated. Better yet, if someone could post the part of the 4.1
firmware documentation that deals with the speechbox mode, that would
be good as well. I will forward any replies sent to me privately, or
to the support list on to the speakup list, where this discussion is
taking place. Thanks in advance.


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