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No, I don't recall that particular brand but I also learned the bitter
lesson of "You get what you pay for."  I bought a 200 pack one time
and I had a 30% failure rate.  They were almost free after a rebate.
I since learned that the higher the rated write speed, the better they
supposedly are.  I like the Memorex 48X blanks; they work nicely for
me.  I can't bost of a 100% success rate but pretty close.  I had a
couble fixation time outs and such but mostly they work good.  I'm
sticking to them.  I even had one of those cheap ones lose data on me
after having it on the shelf for a year or so.  

On Tue, Oct 26, 2004 at 08:27:08PM -0600, Lorne Webber wrote:
> Speaking of Cdr's and such, I just bought a 100 pack of 700 MB Cicero CDR's,
> and their all junk. I was going to go for Memorex, but the Cicero were
> cheaper, and since I'd never tried them before I thought I'd give them a
> chance.
> I've tried them with 2 different burners, with 3 different burning packages,
> and at every speed from 1x to 16 x, and they all give me a error data cyclic
> redundancy check when I check them afterwards. I've made sure nothing else
> was running when they were burning, that made no difference. I've tried many
> Memorex and they gave me absolutely no troubles.
> needless to say, I'm not too happy to just have thrown away $40 on some
> expensive paper weights!
> any of you had similar problems with Cicero stuff?
> Thanks.
> Lorne
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