Lorne Webber lorneweb at
Tue Oct 26 22:27:08 EDT 2004

Speaking of Cdr's and such, I just bought a 100 pack of 700 MB Cicero CDR's,
and their all junk. I was going to go for Memorex, but the Cicero were
cheaper, and since I'd never tried them before I thought I'd give them a
I've tried them with 2 different burners, with 3 different burning packages,
and at every speed from 1x to 16 x, and they all give me a error data cyclic
redundancy check when I check them afterwards. I've made sure nothing else
was running when they were burning, that made no difference. I've tried many
Memorex and they gave me absolutely no troubles.
needless to say, I'm not too happy to just have thrown away $40 on some
expensive paper weights!
any of you had similar problems with Cicero stuff?


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