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Tue Oct 26 08:53:21 EDT 2004

There's a simpler way. Simply download the appropriate Linux kernel rpm
file for your architecture and install it. Note that you will need to
edit your grub.conf (if you use grub), or your lilo.conf (if you use
lilo). Be sure to use a kernel for the appropriate version of Fedora
Core (either 1 or 2, as of this writing). The Speakup Modified ftp tree
begins at:

Log in there via anonymous ftp and:

cd pub/speakup/disks/fedora/

PS: If you must compile your own kernel, you may find it instructive to
compare the appropriate config file for your architecture. In this case
download and install the appropriate kernel src package from the SRPMS

PPS: I suppose I ought to edit the home page to provide a direct
mechanism for people to get at these files via their web browsers. This
task is now on my todo list--so coming soon.

ace writes:
> Hello,
> I am using Fedora Core II.  It was originally compiled without Speakup
> support.  I logged into the box remotely (it's my friend's box) to recompile
> his kernel with the latest Speakup CVS.  I downloaded the checkout script
> and created a symlink called linux to point to the /usr/src/linux-2.6.8....
> folder.  The make config and the make ran just fine.  I copied the
> /arch/i386/boot/bzImage file to /boot.  I then went into /etc/grub.conf and
> changed the kernel file name in the kernel line to bzImage.  That's all I
> did.  I rebooted the box and it says something like:
> "No init found, try passing init to the kernel", or something like that.
> What did I do wrong?
> NOTE -- I didn't understand many of the long and boring questions in the
> make config script, so I pressed enter and accepted defaults to all of them.
> Plus, there was only one question about Speakup, I think, it was about
> compiling DoubleTalk into the kernel.  It's possible that I skipped more
> when I got bored and just pressed enter a few times.
> Thanks
> Robby
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