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Igor Gueths igueths at lava-net.com
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Haven't gotten those packets before, however I have gotten lots of login attempts from that widespread SSH dictionary attack.
On Mon, Oct 25, 2004 at 08:50:15PM -0700, Ralph W. Reid wrote:
> Recent comments here and elsewhere concerning degenerating network
> performance led me to take a closer look at my own system, and I
> discovered that the numerous attempts by other systems to connect on
> my ISP's network were not being blocked by my firewall, and were
> therefore reaching my system.  I do not think these numerous connect
> and IP requests were doing direct harm to my system, but packets were
> getting here that had no business getting here.  I added some rules to
> my firewall, and if my system's performance today (Monday) can be used
> as an example, my network stability and responsiveness have improved
> noticeably.  Note that I thought I had rules at the end of my firewall
> script which I believed should have caught everything that had not
> been previously defined, but the source address seems to have
> been slipping through anyway.  Here are the rules which are now
> logging and dropping these requests.  Note that if you have a similar
> amount of this kind of traffic on your network, logging all of these
> events can rack up considerable disk space usage--use these rules with
> care, and at your own risk.  Note also that if your system is supposed
> to be providing bootps services, you may not want to add these rules
> to your system.
> iptables --append INPUT -i eth0 -s -j LOG --log-prefix "REMOTE LOCALHOST DROP "
> iptables --append INPUT -i eth0 -s -j DROP
> I hope this stuff proves useful, and have a _great_ day.
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