Slackware 10.0 and Windows XP Installation Issue

Zachary Z_kline at
Sat Oct 23 00:48:50 EDT 2004

I've decided to make a switch to Linux, if not as my primary operating 
system, as my secondary one.  I must warn you that I am not a particularly 
experienced person.
My small problem concerns a Linux quirk, not a Speakup one.  I just want to 
be able to use the same internet setup I use with Windows, with Linux.
This means that I need to use my Wireless network adapter.  This is a USB 
Unfortunately, Linux doesn't see it.  It is from Belkin, identified in 
Windows as "Belkin 11MBPS Wireless USB Network Adaptor."
I am also concerned about partitions and Duel Booting. I am not ready to 
destroy Windows just yet.  If anyone could help with this, I would greatly 
appreciate it.
Zachary Kline
PS: Hello to everybody on the list.

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