batch file?

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Mon Oct 11 16:06:22 EDT 2004

Hi Butch:

Well, I can't believe I'm going to do this as I am an *extremely embrionic 
linux user (three weeks or so), but here goes.

What you have to do is put an alias into your .bashrc file. Your .bashrc 
(note the period) file is in your home directory:

/home/butch (if you used Butch as your user name)

You put this line in the file, where "x" represents the character string you 
want to use to execute the command:

alias x='/home/irlp/scripts/backup_for_reinstall'

The apostrophes were indicated in the linux "on line" tutorial I consulted, 
so I'm sure what appears after the = must be in either single or double 

Hope this helps!

Best 73's!


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Subject: batch file?

>I know they;'re not called batch files in Linux, but how can I write a 
>simple file to do a command I usually type in at the command prompt.  I 
>tried putting the line in a file and  I think I set permissions right, but 
>it doesn't do anything.  For example I have the command
> /home/irlp/scripts/backup_for_reinstall
> I'm wanting to put this in a simple file that does this command as a bat 
> file would in dos.
> Thanks.
> 73s
> Butch Bussen
> wa0vjr
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