batch file?

Janina Sajka janina at
Mon Oct 11 15:50:23 EDT 2004

They're called scripts in this environment, not batch files.

You need to get some of the standard references for the shell to learn
how to script for it. Please note I've been very careful not to name a
shell--because it happens there are several. Most likely, though, you're
using the bash shell. So look at for HOWTO documents
about programming the bash shell.

Butch Bussen writes:
> I know they;'re not called batch files in Linux, but how can I write a 
> simple file to do a command I usually type in at the command prompt.  I 
> tried putting the line in a file and  I think I set permissions right, but 
> it doesn't do anything.  For example I have the command
> /home/irlp/scripts/backup_for_reinstall
> I'm wanting to put this in a simple file that does this command as a bat 
> file would in dos.
> Thanks.
> 73s
> Butch Bussen
> wa0vjr
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