high memory versus alsa drivers

Kenny Hitt kenny at hittsjunk.net
Sat Oct 9 12:36:51 EDT 2004

Hi.  The agpgart modules is used so programs can access the video card
on the AGP bus.  I haven't seen the alsa modules get automatically
compiled before, so that must be something specific to Slackware.  Like
I said, my idea probably wasn't helpful but I had to ask just in case.
I have another idea which probably won't be helpful either.  In the past
with my older sound cards and earlier Alsa, I remember an option to tell
the driver to reserve DMA in low memory.  Don't know what card you have
or if the option has changed, but it might be something to look for in
the docs for the alsa drivers.

Good luck figuring it out.
On Sat, Oct 09, 2004 at 11:45:01AM -0400, Chuck Hallenbeck wrote:
> Hi Kenny,
> Prior to kernel 2.4.26, I used to have to do that after every recompile
> that involved a change of modules, but with 2.4.26 the alsa drivers
> compile with the kernel, evidently. They are loading okay. The output of
> lsmod is identical with and without highmem selected, and all the alsa
> components are there, same sizes and dependencies.
> Oh -- there is one additional line in the lsmod output when highmem is
> selected. It is "agpgart" and I am not familiar with that piece.
> Chuck
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