mp3 and ogg player

Janina Sajka janina at
Fri Oct 8 17:25:27 EDT 2004

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> From: "Stephen Kelly" <nickii_p at>
> > We've been using mp3blaster but it has one anoying
> > problem:  when scrolling through a playlist with the
> > arrow keys, the cursor lags behind the track that is
> > hi-lighted.  The problem occurse only when we scroll
> > down a playlist and then start scrolling up.  This
> > causes Speakup to read the line that the cursor is on
> > rather than the actual selected track.

This kind of problem is not a Speakup problem per se. And, it's by no
means a quirk of this particular software. This problem is, in fact,
quite common with menu based applications on the console. Those of who
have been using computers for more than about 10 years will probably
recall that this kind of thing happened all the time with DOS software,
for example.

The fix is in how the system cursor is handled in the application.
Obviously, if this is open source, someone might take a look at the code
and do something about it. I'm afraid I'm not clever enough to explain
this much better, nor am I clever enough to do the work of fixing this
in any particular app, but I do believe I've provided an accurate
picture of what's going on here.


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