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Janina Sajka janina at rednote.net
Wed Oct 6 15:35:29 EDT 2004

Hi, Butch:

Welcome to the list. You're not the only ham here, though I, myself, am
not one--at least not in the sense you meant! <grin>

As for what we use for ssh -- I'll let those who still terminal from
Windows go at that in more depth for you. Suffice it to say that most of
us are just using Linux directly, not from Windows.

Any reason you couldn't just do that yourself? It's a far more
compelling experience.

Butch Bussen writes:
> I've just joined the list.  I'm very new to Linux, although I've run a 
> shell account for years.  I recently put in a Linux box dedicated to ham 
> radio and i r l p.  Wondering what you folks use for an ssh connection.  I 
> have putty which sort of works, but seems to reprint the screen.  I've 
> downloaded and testing securecrt which seems to work fairly well, but they 
> want $99 to register it and I think that is a little accessive.  My nnext 
> project is to put another fedora box on the network to learn on.  I wasn't 
> able to get the ham box installed at all with speech as I didn't know how 
> and they supplied thier own cd with special scripts and so forth.  Now 
> that it is running, I can login on the network, that's why I'm looking for 
> a good terminal or telnet program.
> 73s
> Butch Bussen
> wa0vjr
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