locking up

Butch Bussen butchb at shellworld.net
Wed Oct 6 13:35:31 EDT 2004

I've just joined the list.  I'm very new to Linux, although I've run a 
shell account for years.  I recently put in a Linux box dedicated to ham 
radio and i r l p.  Wondering what you folks use for an ssh connection.  I 
have putty which sort of works, but seems to reprint the screen.  I've 
downloaded and testing securecrt which seems to work fairly well, but they 
want $99 to register it and I think that is a little accessive.  My nnext 
project is to put another fedora box on the network to learn on.  I wasn't 
able to get the ham box installed at all with speech as I didn't know how 
and they supplied thier own cd with special scripts and so forth.  Now 
that it is running, I can login on the network, that's why I'm looking for 
a good terminal or telnet program.
Butch Bussen

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