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Ann Parsons akp at eznet.net
Wed Oct 6 12:06:13 EDT 2004

Hi Janina, 

Um, might I bring the old Fossil up-to-date on the Ivocalize software,

Ivocalize is a web based chat client which is currently being used by
Talking Communities, The OPAL and Mid-Illinois Talking book Library,
Access Technology Institute, EASI, and others.  It is being used most
often as a lecture/teaching tool because this particular client has
several advantages over Speakfreely. 

First, not only is this client web based, but because it *is* web
based, it is not usually prone to difficulties with firewalls.  Most
firewalls allow port 80 to be open.  

Second, the client has text chat.  Speak Freely has text chat, but you
can't do anything else with it.

Ivocalize allows one to record sessions so that not only do you get
the audio but you also get the text chat which is automatically
synchronized with the audio chat, a DAISY, effect. 

In addition, because the client is web based, one can "push" web
pages.  this means that if one is teaching or lecturing online at a
presentation, you can place web based content for your
students/attendees to view simultaneously with your audio and your
text chat.  This includes power point slides and so on.  BTW, when the
session is recorded, the web content is also recorded and synchronized
with the audio and the text chat. 

All aspects of this client are accessible, both server maintinence and
user interface.  Moderators have control over the client even to
having the ability of adjusting the volume of individual attendees so that it can
be heard by all.

The *only* drawback of this client is that it is not available in
Linux.  Believe me, Janina, this is an extreme plus, that Talking
Communities is doing this!  

Now, as for the cost, well, Janina, my only response to that is that
George Buys saw a good thing going and promoted it.  He has now got
clients for his product who are using it and benefitting from it.  If
he is charging for the service, it's a free country.  I dunnow about
the GPL aspects of this thing.  *That* I haven't explored, but I will.
Does this clarify? 

Ann P.

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