Fw: Calling non Windows users

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Your observations are right on target.  He has some how twisted some arms to 
hod a yearly access conference via this thing and I guess it might be 
worthwhile for that, but if he really wants to do us a service, he'd look 
into skyp or something like that or as you say, speek freely is available 
and functional.

Johnnie Apple Seed

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Huh? What is this and why would we care?

Maybe I'm the only fossil around here who hasn't a clue about it. Maybe
everyone else but me is sitting around their keyboards just pining for
the day some beneficent sould will take pitty on us and create a Linux
client for this service? Maybe? Maybe not.

OK. I'm net literate and can go to their web site where I see they run a
business that charges for what this community already does for free with
Speak Freely. Heck, a few of us have even been expirimenting with a
dialup strategy for voice chat. And, nobody is taking credit cards for
speaking freely either via the phone or the computer sound card.

So, let's just back up a minute here and drop the assumption. Please
explain the "so what" part of it, at least for my benefit, because I
don't get it.

Why do I want to join a bunch of Windows users who are paying good cash
to sit around and chat about Windows computers--or whatever they chat
about? Surely it's not to listen to ACB Radio. We already do that.

david poehlman writes:
> Johnnie Apple Seed
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> Hi,
> Talking Communities who power the Our Place live chat portal at aCB Radio
> are seeking users of platforms other than Windows to beta test technology
> which may make it possible for users of these platforms to access the ACB
> Radio Our Place Portal.  So if you don't use Windows, and would like to
> access Our Place and iVocalise, then this is for you.
> Please register your interest by writing to buys at talkingcommunities.com.
> Very many thanks.
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