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Is it the system speaker or the sound card that doesn't work?  For the pc 
speaker use the --withpcspkr option in your mkinitrd command.  It's in the 
fadora howto.

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hello everyone I have a problem,

I installed fedora core 2 on my sony vaio pcgfxa53 notebook.  I upgraded 
the kernel to  I know from past expeariance, on my desktop, I 
had to unmute the sound on my computer, so I did amixer set Master 100 
unmute, I did this, and I am not getting any sound.  when ever I play try 
to play an mp3, some how, the system speaker is disabled.  what I mean is 
when you are at a prompt, and if you hit backspace, you usually hear a 
beep, in my case this is not the case.  when I rebookt the laptop wit 
works, but when I go and play a mp3, or try and configure the sound it 
doesn't work.  any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  thanks 
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