sound on laptop

Janina Sajka janina at
Fri Oct 1 19:19:58 EDT 2004

Did you follow the installation instructions in our HOWTO for the
Speakup Modified Fedora Distribution?

It sounds like you neglected to create an initrd with the pcspkr module.

Juan Hernandez writes:
> hello everyone I have a problem,
> I installed fedora core 2 on my sony vaio pcgfxa53 notebook.  I upgraded the kernel to  I know from past expeariance, on my desktop, I had to unmute the sound on my computer, so I did amixer set Master 100 unmute, I did this, and I am not getting any sound.  when ever I play try to play an mp3, some how, the system speaker is disabled.  what I mean is when you are at a prompt, and if you hit backspace, you usually hear a beep, in my case this is not the case.  when I rebookt the laptop wit works, but when I go and play a mp3, or try and configure the sound it doesn't work.  any ideas would be greatly appreciated.  thanks  
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