Debian Uninstall Question

Cheryl Homiak chomiak at
Sat Oct 2 21:04:57 EDT 2004

Hi Janina.
I wrote this before but thinking somebody else might have a better answer 
I postponed it. I hope maybe it helps some.

At least on unstable, I can do

apt-get remove gnome2*
and have most if not all of the gnome packages removed. Only if you try to 
add or remove anything with apt-get using the star after the name, make 
sure you look at what it is about to remove so you don't lose more than 
you intended.
I realize this still leaves some x applications; not sure how you would 
handle those.
Tasksel allows you to add groups of packages but not remove them. Dselect 
might allow you to do what you want, but I personally don't find dselect 
very speech or braille friendly--that might just be my preference though. 
I don't know if aptitude would give you any more flexibility than apt-get 
or not.


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