linux on the desktop

Dave Hunt dave.hunt2 at
Tue Dec 31 15:18:16 EST 2002


Emacspeak <>, provides a kind of
"audio desktop".  It is an extension of emacs, that provides auditory
feedback as you work with emacs and its many extensions.  Two such
extensions that have been speech-enabled with emacspeak are dismal (a
spreadsheet) and w3(a web browser).  

Moreover, emacspeak will speech-enable terminal and shell windows,
thereby allowing you to do all your administrative tasks, as well.
See emacspeak's documentation for a complete list of emacs extensions
that have thus far been speech-enabled.  I think you will find all the
productivity tools you need.

Regarding x-windows:  There is an application in the works called
Gnopernacus, which will speech-enable the Gnome desktop.  Also, there
is support in emacspeak for the Sawfish window manager, but I have no
experience of using it.


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