linux on the desktop

Ann Parsons akp at
Tue Dec 31 09:02:27 EST 2002

Hi all,

Mr. Lininger, yes.  You can use VI or Emacs in console mode with
Speakup.  You can use pine or mut or xim or whatever you like for
mail.  You can use the cat or the chain or w3m for your browser.

Gnompernicus is in beta, it is not stable yet.  So, unless you're a
real techie, no, there is no access to X-Windows.  

If you want a super desktop environment with audio icons and all that,
try running emacspeak along with speakup.  That way you'll get the
best of both worlds.    As a plain user of Linux, this is how I

BTW, until you get pine or xim or something, please can you refrain
from sending HTML!  Thanks! 

Ann P.
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