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Hi.  To answer your questions:

1.  For word processing there's emacs.  It's probably one of the best editors out there.  For spredsheets I have no idea of a good program.  I used to know the name of a linux spreadsheet but it has since slipped my mind.

2.  You can use iether lynx or links for browsing the web.  there may be more but those are the only ones I've used.

3.  YOu can get access to Gnome which is one of the linux guis, but the package that gives you speach output is still in development tot he best of my knoledge
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  Hello all,
  My name is Joseph Lininger. I have a fair amount of experience using Linux and speakup in a server environment, but I am interested in possibly using Linux as a desktop operating system. I have a few quesitons about this which I hope someone can help me with.
  1. What programs are out there for basic things like word processing, spread sheets, etc. for the blind?
  2. What about a web browser? Is there one available?
  3. Is there any way to use X-Windows?
  Joseph C. Lininger
  jbahm at
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