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Joseph C. Lininger jbahm at pcdesk.net
Tue Dec 31 02:27:08 EST 2002

Two things regarding that. First, did the key combinations are not alt+1, alt+2 etc. They are alt+F1, alt+F2 through alt+F6. Second, do you have the support for this in your kernel?
Joseph C. Lininger
jbahm at pcdesk.net
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  Hi folks, I haven't been able to find out why this happens so any helps would be appreciated. I try to use the alt-1-2-3 keys to switch consoles both as root and as my user account however it won't move from tty 1, I really want to run multiple tasks but <shrugs>. Any ideas? and thanks for all the help with the speakup keyboard mapping stuff and dhcp, reinstalled the kernel and that is good and dhcp sometimes works with is good enough for now:)


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