module autoloading in slackware 8.1, was: Re: speakup.i SCSI problems

Gregory Nowak greg at
Sun Dec 29 22:48:05 EST 2002

Since we're on the subject of module auto loading in slackware 8.1 ...

I asked this a while back, but never saw an answer. I want to be able to run zipslack 8.1 off of my parallel port zip drive.
The problem is that the parallel port and zip support are compiled as modules. Short of building my own custom kernel, is there a way of getting lp.o.gz and imm.o.gz to autoload so that the root fs on the zipdisk can be mounted by the kernel?

Thanks in advance.


On Sun, Dec 29, 2002 at 09:36:50PM -0600, Adam Myrow wrote:
> First question, why Slackware 8.0?  Is that all you have access to?
> Slackware 8.1 fixed a lot of little annoyances with Slackware 8.0.  The
> first of which is the aforementioned speakup.i kernel being compiled as
> SMP.  The problem is that the modules supplied with Slackware are compiled
> for a single processor system and the kernel is SMP.  This is a bad thing
> in general.  In order to get any use out of the modules, they must be
> replaced with the smp modules from the contrib CD.  I never compile for
> SMP support because I've had odd behavior from it.  Another thing about
> Slackware 8.0 was that its rc.modules script loads a lot of modules which
> really don't need to be loaded if you have the options set up for
> automatic loading of modules.  The rc.modules script in Slackware 8.1 will
> only load a few modules by default.
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