Safety Nets--was Re: speakup.i SCSI problems

Dave Hunt dave.hunt2 at
Sun Dec 29 21:38:44 EST 2002

While we're on the subject of safe kernel building, don't forget to
save a copy of a known, working ".config".  You can save yourself a
lot of tedium by doing "make oldconfig", with this saved ".config" in
your clean kernel source tree.  You'll be prompted only for stuff
that's "new".


Steve Holmes writes:
 > Hey, compiling a kernel might seem like a daunting task; tedious
 > config step but the rest ain't all that bad.  First and for most, keep
 > the current working kernel image around for safty's sake and create an
 > alternate lilo.conf label entry pointing to this older kernel.  This
 > way if the new kernel blows up on you, just reboot with the old
 > kernel, drop back 20 yards, and repunt the football:).

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