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Ralph W. Reid rreid at
Mon Dec 23 10:24:44 EST 2002

Kerry Hoath staggered into view and mumbled:
>You need the RFC of assigned numbers.
>the following addresses are considered non-routable under ipv4
>and should not be forwarded by a router that connects to the internet that
>is these packets should never appear on the internet.
> (Class A)
> to
> to
>The network is reserved for loopback use with
>beeing the localhost.
>There is no reason why speakup would not run on an ipv6 enabled kernel;
>I have personally not used ipv6 since at the moment much of it it is tunneled over ipv4 networks and vendors
>are still adding support for it and the standards are stabilizing.
>Regards, Kerry.

Thanks.  It looks like RFC 1918 is the place to start.  Have a _great_

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