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You need the RFC of assigned numbers.
the following addresses are considered non-routable under ipv4
and should not be forwarded by a router that connects to the internet that
is these packets should never appear on the internet. (Class A) to to
The network is reserved for loopback use with
beeing the localhost.

There is no reason why speakup would not run on an ipv6 enabled kernel;
I have personally not used ipv6 since at the moment much of it it is tunneled over ipv4 networks and vendors
are still adding support for it and the standards are stabilizing.

Regards, Kerry.
On Sun, Dec 22, 2002 at 05:37:59AM -0800, Ralph W. Reid wrote:
> I know that IP address in IPv4 is specially reserved for
> loop back on a local host.  I think there is something special about
> IP addresses in the range through in IPv4 as
> well (something about invisible local area network systems, I think).
> I am looking for a listing of special IP addresses and ranges for
> IPv4, and if possible IPv6.  I am also curious if anyone has used
> IPv6 addresses with Speakup configured kernels.  Any pointers or info
> will be much appreciated.  Thanks, and have a _great_ day!
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