correct keyboard selection.

Glenn Ervin GlennErvin at
Sat Dec 21 13:46:03 EST 2002

Hi Janina,
the numeric keypad selection you mention did work on that old version of the
install program, but strangely, when I use any of the numbers, on the
correct install, it just moves around by lines.
insert plus did not do what it was supposed to do.  My sighted assistance
did confirm that the keyboard selection is indeed "speakup".

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It's a bug in one of the newer text rendering libraries. It has been
reported. Meanwhile, until its fixed, just be aware that you seem to be
on the selection following the actual one. As I just explained in
another message, you can verify this with NumericKeypad Insert+Period
which provides color attribute4s, such as "white on black."  If you look
around the screen and check with this, you'll find confirmation for
what's actually highlighted, and you'll find that it really is the
selection just before the one that Speakup is indicating.

Glenn Ervin writes:
> From: "Glenn Ervin" <GlennErvin at>
> Hi Mark,
> I am still trying to get RedHat installed as the installation program for
> RedHat 8.0 does the same double speaking for me, with my dectalk
> synthesizer.
> It is impossible to know which choice you have made, and I have to fDisk a
> hard drive to install Linux, and even the sighted assistance I have used
> not totally sure which drive is actually selected.
> But the strange thing is that when I was using an install program from a
> previous version of Linux, it spoke just fine with my synthesizer, but I
> unable to complete the install, as the install program did not match the
> ISO's.
> Perhaps it is the DECtalk synthesizer, and maybe we need to wait for
> to re-compile the install program or the DECtalk portion of SpeakUp.
> But your start up line seems correct:
> Here is what works for me:
> text speakup_synth=dectlk
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> Subject: correct keyboard selection.
> Hi group,
> Which keyboard do I need to select for RedHat version 8?  I'm starting
> SpeakUp
> with the command:
> text speakup_synth=DTLK
> This command causes speakup to speak while I'm installing my Linux.  But,
> I'm
> finding it difficult to know what menu selection I'm on, and I can not
> get into the fields for entering information such as IP address.  I tried
> selecting the "speakup" keyboard.  I saw there was another speakup
> I
> think, "speakup lt."  The hardware is a Pentium 2 CPU, and a Windows style
> keyboard.
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Mark Rew
> e-mail: mark.rew at
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