news about Kirk!

Scott Howell showell at
Thu Dec 19 19:12:14 EST 2002

On Thu, Dec 19, 2002 at 04:48:13PM -0600, Adam Myrow wrote:
> Sounds like the dog wasn't doing his job!  I would think the dog would
> have stopped.  I wonder if the dog got distracted?

At the risk of opening one hell of a can of worms and a lot of 
unnecessary debate, it is quite possible that the dog was simply not 
fully aware of the problem. You'd be amazed that the crap that can 
happen after the crap is behind the dog. Like the time this gal tried 
running between me and my old Lab. Now my old Lab was one big dog and 
this wasn't a very big female, but I tell you she sure could fly.
Yeah, she got behind the dog's head so he didn't I'm sure realize what 
was happening until this incredible yank on the harness handle as her 
body hit my arm and she went from running to flying. So, its very 
possible as he was trying to get a grip on the problem the dog was still 
moving along. I would bet if Kirk walks as fast I I do, you ain't got 
much time to handle tangling situations.<grin>
So, maybe if Kirk feels like sharing the experience, he will and all dog 
handlers might learn something, but otherwise, lets not put all the 
blame on dog nor handler. Of course if your not a handler then you have 
no clue to the workings of a team as does a handler. Its got a lot of 
parts and a lot is happening.

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