Procmail recipe needed.

Dawes, Stephen Stephen.Dawes at
Thu Dec 19 09:38:46 EST 2002


The danger that you run when excluding mail from a particular mail
client, as you put lookout excuse, is that you may miss mail from people
trying to contact you for a valid reason. I am certain that I am for one
not the only member of the list that uses such a mail client, because
that is the corporate standard for email. So, is what you are saying is
that you don't wish to receive email from members of the list like

If this is the recurring debate about html messages popping up once
again, then I suggest looking at a package called MailScanner.
MailScanner is a spam detection tool, that as one of its many strengths,
it has the ability of converting html messages to plain text before mail
is put in your mailbox.

As a final note to those who believe that MS mail clients are the only
means of sending html mail messages, then I say give your heads a good
shake, wake up and smell the coffee. In fact, I subscribe to a maillist
that is all about linux and open source, where you can have the messages
sent to you in html format. 

Well, there is my input on the matter!


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