a bit of trivia I found interesting

Adam Myrow amyrow at midsouth.rr.com
Wed Dec 18 20:55:53 EST 2002

I was just looking through files on my computer and stumbled over a README
file from an old shareware DOS screen reader called TinyTalk.  The part
that I found interesting is that it listed several synthesizers that
existed around 1994 and what chipset they used.  It mentioned that the
Braille 'N Speak line as well as the Accent line both use a chip called
the SSI263.  I found this interesting because the Braille 'N Speak sounds
like crap, has terrible pronunciation, and practically no inflection.
The Accent still sounds very mechanical, but has a lot more inflection,
and its pronunciation is 10 times better than the Braille 'N Speak line.
Apparently, this chipset wasn't the only piece required to produce speech.
So, anybody know what makes such a radical difference?  I know this isn't
directly Linux related, but I figured a lot of the list members have been
using computers for a long time and might know what makes the difference
or where I may find such information.

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