Laptops for less with serial ports

Janina Sajka janina at
Sun Dec 8 13:11:21 EST 2002

Hi, Charlie:

Yes, outstanding keypads on Thinkpad. At least, they're highly popular
and award winning.
The only thing I've noticed, and it's only been occassional for me, is a
kind of freeze where I can't press F10, for example, because what I get
when I do is actually Ctrl-F10. And, in WordPerfect for DOS, of course,
that means you can't exit with F7! <grin> Ergo, the reboot.

I have not seen this with my T20, insofar as I recall, but I also have
not run WordPerfect for DOS since I can recall. So, I'm not sure I've
seen this in at least two years--about as long as I've had the T20.

Could be IBM, could be the WP, however, as well.

Charles Crawford writes:
> From: ccrawford at
> Janina,
> 	I am impressed with your talking about the think Pad,  I have 
> always loved the keyboards on those laptops.  If someone ploans on dual 
> booting however, they should be aware at least on my think pad, the damn 
> thing loses its keyboard mapping in DOS and I havew not been able to do 
> anything but reboot to get it back.  I have even gone so far as to create 
> a boot disk so Windows is never seen, but still the same. Either a pathing 
> problem to whatever controls the keyboard or a hardware thing.  don't 
> know.
> 	Having said that, I don't know if there would be aproblem with 
> Linux but if I convert  the thing to Linux, then it will be all linux.
> -- charlie.
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