Laptops for less with serial ports

ccrawford at ccrawford at
Sun Dec 8 08:50:25 EST 2002


	I am impressed with your talking about the think Pad,  I have 
always loved the keyboards on those laptops.  If someone ploans on dual 
booting however, they should be aware at least on my think pad, the damn 
thing loses its keyboard mapping in DOS and I havew not been able to do 
anything but reboot to get it back.  I have even gone so far as to create 
a boot disk so Windows is never seen, but still the same. Either a pathing 
problem to whatever controls the keyboard or a hardware thing.  don't 

	Having said that, I don't know if there would be aproblem with 
Linux but if I convert  the thing to Linux, then it will be all linux.

-- charlie.

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