recovering lost+found files

Raul A. Gallegos raul at
Sun Dec 8 01:30:05 EST 2002

Yep, it was the power supply.  Got a new 350 W ATX power supply and all is
well.  Now tomorrow I will worry about those lost files.  I'm going to just
get them off my other Debian box which is configured similarly.

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> Hi Raul,
> First, from a later message, it sounds like your affected system has other
> problems (possibly power supply related) that need to be resolved before
> can worry about replacing the missing files.  As far as re-installing the
> programs needed to extract any other missing packages, how about finding
> copying the missing binaries from either the CD-ROM on which your Linux
> distro is located or another Linux box running the same distro?  If you
> copy from another similarly configured box, then you'll know where the
> replacement copy should be copied.  :-)

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