recovering lost+found files

Darrell Shandrow nu7i at
Sat Dec 7 17:45:49 EST 2002

Hi Raul,

First, from a later message, it sounds like your affected system has other
problems (possibly power supply related) that need to be resolved before you
can worry about replacing the missing files.  As far as re-installing the
programs needed to extract any other missing packages, how about finding and
copying the missing binaries from either the CD-ROM on which your Linux
distro is located or another Linux box running the same distro?  If you can
copy from another similarly configured box, then you'll know where the
replacement copy should be copied.  :-)

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> Darrell Shandrow said the following on Sat, Dec 07, 2002 at
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> > Probably the quickest way to recover this functionality would be to
> > re-install the damaged programs.  Of course, if you're missing any
> > configuration or actual data files, then you'll still need to try and
> > recover them from lost+found.  Unfortunately, I do not have a good
> > understanding of how lost+found works, so I'll defer that question to
> > someone with more experience in that area.
> Hi.  I would do this except for the problem is one of my missing
> binaries is dpkg and dpkg-reconfigure so can't install via apt-get.
> Thanks anyway.
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