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Wed Dec 4 15:51:15 EST 2002

Hey Janina, Glen, and anyone else following this thread.
I haven't yet burned my RH 8 disks to cd but asumming there is an /images 
directory in cd 1 the way there has been with past RH releases as a 
suggestion to Glen, asumming he didn't corrupt the images by forgetting to 
download them in binary mode, why not just create the images using rawrite 
and disk 1 of the rh 8 cd set. At least this way there won't be a version 
miss-match unless I'm miss-understanding something.
Hope this is helpful.

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>Subject: Re: the real problem
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>Hi, Glen:
>Usually, this means a mismatch between the iso image version and the
>boot floppy version. The psyche images are definitely the right ones, so
>the question becomes where did you get the boot floppy image?
>Unfortunately, we have not put them up on the speakup site--mainly
>because we never intended to keep the psyche iso images around as all of
>this is now fully supported by Red Hat.
>I guess you might have used the links in the HOWTO to create the boot
>floppies? That would be my fault for not thinking that through earlier.
>Those links are also to the oder version. I'm very sorry to put you
>through that. Fortunately, downloading a floppy diskette image isn't
>anywhere near the trial of downloading a full CD ROM's worth of data.
>Why not try an official Red Hat mirror site? Here are a few to choose
>Glenn Ervin writes:
> > From: "Glenn Ervin" <glennervin at>
> >
> > I discovered that the real problem I was having was that I don't recall the
> > how-to saying anything about needing to right arrow to the end of the field
> > which already contains:
> > /dev/hda1
> > So, eventually, I got it so  the install found my ISO disks, but now I get
> > another message which makes me think that perhaps I downloaded the wrong
> > ISO's.
> > I have 5 ISO's called:
> > psyche-i386-disc1.iso, and numbered successively to #5.
> > Could these be the wrong disks?
> > I followed the link that Janina gave me after I almost downloaded the ISO's
> > from the how-to page, which are not the latest, she said.
> > I get an error something like:
> > Error: the second stage of the installation does not match the boot disk
> > from which you are installing from, The operation will be terminated, okay.
> > This is a pretty close approximation to what the error message read.
> > And if they are wrong, what is the correct file names?
> > Also, if these are the wrong disks, I'll be talking to you in a few 
> days, as
> > I can only get 1 or 2 downloaded per day, as each disk takes around 3.5
> > hours.
> > Thanks.
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