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Thank You Janina.

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Hi, Glen:

Usually, this means a mismatch between the iso image version and the
boot floppy version. The psyche images are definitely the right ones, so
the question becomes where did you get the boot floppy image?
Unfortunately, we have not put them up on the speakup site--mainly
because we never intended to keep the psyche iso images around as all of
this is now fully supported by Red Hat.

I guess you might have used the links in the HOWTO to create the boot
floppies? That would be my fault for not thinking that through earlier.
Those links are also to the oder version. I'm very sorry to put you
through that. Fortunately, downloading a floppy diskette image isn't
anywhere near the trial of downloading a full CD ROM's worth of data.

Why not try an official Red Hat mirror site? Here are a few to choose

Glenn Ervin writes:
> From: "Glenn Ervin" <glennervin at>
> I discovered that the real problem I was having was that I don't recall
> how-to saying anything about needing to right arrow to the end of the
> which already contains:
> /dev/hda1
> So, eventually, I got it so  the install found my ISO disks, but now I get
> another message which makes me think that perhaps I downloaded the wrong
> ISO's.
> I have 5 ISO's called:
> psyche-i386-disc1.iso, and numbered successively to #5.
> Could these be the wrong disks?
> I followed the link that Janina gave me after I almost downloaded the
> from the how-to page, which are not the latest, she said.
> I get an error something like:
> Error: the second stage of the installation does not match the boot disk
> from which you are installing from, The operation will be terminated,
> This is a pretty close approximation to what the error message read.
> And if they are wrong, what is the correct file names?
> Also, if these are the wrong disks, I'll be talking to you in a few days,
> I can only get 1 or 2 downloaded per day, as each disk takes around 3.5
> hours.
> Thanks.
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