trying to install RedHat

Glenn Ervin glennervin at
Mon Dec 2 09:22:25 EST 2002

Well, I booted my boot disk, and my dectalk speaks up like a champ.
But I have had some problems burning some CDs of the ISOs.
I did  extract the ISOs into subdirectories called:
C:\RedHat1, C:\RedHat2, etc..
But I cannot get the install program to find the installations.
The installation program keeps looking in /devhda1, and I thought that my c
drive was /devhda .
Is there a good DOS utility for burning a CD from ISOs?
Or, how can I tell the install program where to find the installation CDs?
I also gave it the path names:
/devhda1 /redhat1
/devhda /redhat1
and /devhda1/redhat1
plus other variations of this kind of path.
Thanks for any assistance.

"Live long and prosper",
O. Glenn Ervin (Lenny)
Northeast Nebraska
glennervin at
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