web brousers that handle forms for linux?

Dave Hunt wx1g at mediaone.net
Thu Nov 29 22:13:37 EST 2001

An unselected checkbox appears as an empty set of brackets.  To select, 
hit right arrow.  An 'x' will appear, indicated you've checked the thing.  
If the box is already checked, a right arrow will uncheck.  If you're 
using Speakup, you may have to look around the item with the reading 
cursor, to see the associated text label.

List boxes are similar in appearance to a text field, with the default 
value and a number of underlines.  IF you hit 'enter' on one of these, 
you'll be prompted that it is a choice list.  Down-arrow through the 
options, and hit 'enter' on the one you want to select.  Use 'tab' to move 
off the field.  Radio buttons appear as a set of parentheses (empty if the 
button is unselected, containing a '*' if selected).  


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