slackware 8.0 and ppp

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Wed Nov 28 07:35:47 EST 2001

hi greg,

when i run ppp-go
i get an error in the pppd program.
"operation not permitted"
"this system lacks kernel support"

i even did a modprobe and loaded the ppp module
and it still will not run pppd
some where they talk about a newer module,
ppp_generic i don't seem to have that one.
i compiled the kernel with ppp and all of the other stuff 
to run pppd in 7.1 and still get that error.
i also chose to install ppp in the setup,
it might help if i could find out witch modules to load for pppd??
thanks in advance

On 2001-11-28 speakup at said:
 sp>What kind of errors.
 sp>Before I got my t1, I used pppd in slackware 8.0 with my dial-up
 sp>account with no problem.
 sp>On Wed, Nov 28, 2001 at 12:00:52PM +0600, rturner2 at
 sp>>wrote:  hi all,
 sp>> ppp worked fine for 7.1 in slackware
 sp>> but i understand that they have made some changes to it in the 8.
 sp>>0 version.  i installed 8.0 a few days ago
 sp>> and when i type ppp-go i get errors.
 sp>> what do i need to do to get ppp to work in 8.0.
 sp>> thanks in advance.
 sp>> randy
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