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Amanda Lee amanda at shellworld.net
Wed Nov 28 18:11:06 EST 2001

Sorry, I made a typo in my last posting.

Correct url is:


They charged me $14.95 for one year and think it's no more than $30 for
two and there may be longer terms.  Probably best price on the planet!
except for freebie!


On Wed, 28 Nov 2001, Raul A. Gallegos wrote:

> Hi greg.  I paid $60 for my asmodean.net for 2 year registration from
> www.registrars.com.  I pay $20 a year for nols.com who does dynamic dns
> updates that only take like 3 minutes at most to update.  I got the
> nols.com account because at the time I had rr.com internet then
> earthlink.net dsl which is pppoe and so never had a static IP.  Now when
> I converted to sprintion and now speakeasy.net I have static IP so don't
> really need nols.com but I paid for a year.  When the year runs out I
> will not need dynamic dns but I still have to renew asmodean.net.  There
> is another registrar I found www.dotregistrars.com which charge like $14
> for a domain per year but I don't remember their packages.  So there are
> two things you have to consider.  1 registering the domain so you have
> rights touse it and capabilities to use it.  2 finding a host for
> registered domain.  Those are two different but commonly confused
> issues.  If you read the services on nols.com's web page they do a good
> job of describing how it works in case I've confused the issue.  Once my
> account with nols.com expires I will not renew since I have static IP
> addresses and will either host my own domain by registering my
> asmodean.net as dns servers or I'll have my domain hosted for free
> because of where I work.  Only reason I went with nols.com was because
> of needing dynamic dns and because they are more reliable than free
> dynamic dns hosts.
> Best regards.
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