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Steve Holmes steve at
Tue Nov 27 07:21:40 EST 2001

They might be using the Bcc: field or there may be a way to embed your
address in the envelope area as is done by list software. I also wonder if
Pine's + sign applies to Bcc as well as CC header fields.

Another note about this spam stuff, It is worth a try to expand the
headers with pine's h command and see where the mail originated from. Once
this is found, then forward the mail with headers expanded to
abuse@<provider> where provider is the originating source. I've
successfully stopped some spam this way. Unfortunately, some spam gets
here without *ANYTHING* in the headers. God knows how that got here but I
couldn't do anything with that one. Also, simply ignoring them eventually
works too unless it got so out of hand that ignoring isn't bareable.

On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, Rodney Clowdus wrote:

> Have any one else on this list gotten a spam e-mail from
> "hopeyou at" ?  The from: and the to: all say
> hopeyou at  It's puzzling the fire out of me as to how it wound
> up in my mailbox when it was mailed to hopeyou at  I use pine as
> my e-mail program and this spam does not indicate with the + sign that it
> was an e-mail sent directly to my address as suppose to the list.  I'm
> assuming that it may be posted to this or another list.  This is the first
> time that I have had this happen to me.  I've had spam before, but they
> were either mailed to the list or to my personal e-mail address.  I used
> to never get spam, but over the last few months it's slowly creeping in to
> the tune of one a week.
> 	Maybe some of you folks on the list are smart enough to keep out
> the spam.  I hate to have to change my e-mail address if this spams grows
> like a virus.  I hope there's a way to stop this before it gets out of
> control.  Thanks in advance for any tips that can keep the e-mail traffic
> clear.
> Rodney
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